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Posted by Demosthenes37 at 12-250-186-5.client.attbi.com on August 11, 2003 at 09:42:42:

In Reply to: Can someone lend me a shop-vac posted by Heather~Queen of Too Much Info on August 11, 2003 at 05:05:09:

With the clumsiness! Unrelated, but damn, I am a klutz.

I had gotten a TV out of storage for my sister. I put it in the kitchen and went to return the crap I had to move back to storage. I came back into my place, turned into the kitchen and slammed into the stupid TV. Bruised the crap out of my knee. 10 minutes later I go in again, bend down to pick something up, slam my outer thigh into it. My sister comes to get this thing, and we are yapping, I go into the kitchen to put something in the sink. She is right behind me. I catch my 2nd toe in the cord, and go FLYING across the room on my face. No damage to said face, but my toe is now a lovely shade of purple. Took my sister about 10 minutes to compose herself.

My best friend says I have a malformed lobe in my brain. Man, I hate that guy. :)

I told you I was gonna stalk you on here, and by golly I'm stickin to it! LOL

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