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Posted by Queen of Urban Legend at on August 11, 2003 at 08:33:01:

In Reply to: A litle late night poll never hurt anyone posted by Heather~Queen of Too Much Info on August 11, 2003 at 05:09:05:

1-would you rather be poor and with your soulmate or rich and alone?

How do I know that the person in question is my soulmate? They might seem to be my soulmate...but who knows? I'll take rich and alone. I'm being superficial and greedy this morning because I'm broke and being broke sucks.

2-if you had to listen to only 3 cds for 30 days what would the be?

Pearl Jam - Ten
Static X - Wisconsin Death Trip
System of a Down - Toxicity

3-do you sleep at night or during the day?

At night. If I slept at work, I'd probably get in trouble.

4-what is your morning routine?

Get up, yoga, shower, beautify, go to

5-Do you attend sporting events?

Sure, not often, but I would do so more often if I was rich and alone.

6-fave place to catch breakfast?

I don't eat breakfast.

7-Do you attend concerts?

Any chance I get...again, if I was rich and alone, I'd do it more often.

8-Do you go to clubs or bars?

From time to more and alone...I'd do it more often.

9-Do you own formal wear?

Not extremely formal...but I clean up well.

10-have you ever been outside, not in a car or building, naked?

I'm sure that I have, but it has been blocked from my memory.

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