Its morning now, but I am doing this

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Posted by dinochic at on August 11, 2003 at 08:01:26:

In Reply to: A litle late night poll never hurt anyone posted by Heather~Queen of Too Much Info on August 11, 2003 at 05:09:05:

: again... awash in randomness

: 1-would you rather be poor and with your soulmate or rich and alone?
*If I am with my soulmate, then I wont be poor. I will be rich with love and laughter.

: 2-if you had to listen to only 3 cds for 30 days what would the be?
*Journey's Greatest Hits
*Any "Jock Jams" CD (for variety)
*One of my burnt CD's

: 3-do you sleep at night or during the day?
*When I am tired. Night, mostly

: 4-what is your morning routine?
*Wake up. Go to the bathroom, light a smoke. Check the e-mail, Live Journal, this web board,and wait for my honey to get online. (Just how sad am I? Geesh)

: 5-Do you attend sporting events?
*Yep. LOVE my Red Wings

: 6-fave place to catch breakfast?
*If I have to chase and catch my breakfast, then I dont think I want to eat it. LOL. I like Cracker Barrel, Big Boys, anywhere that has a good breakfast bar selection. I have a hard time deciding what I want to eat. Choice is good.

: 7-Do you attend concerts?
*When I can, sure. I havent been to many. And, the ones I have gone to are so different from eachother. Eagles (Hell freezes tour), Dwight Yokem (lol..yeah, I know), New Kids on the Block (Ok, I was 13, and they were "Cool" at the time), Journey (my fav one)

: 8-Do you go to clubs or bars?
*Clubs? No. Full of young kids with hot bodies. I cant compete. Bars? Sure, once in a while. I like the small ones with not alot of people, but enough to talk to a varitey. Pool tables are a plus. Kareokee is a huge plus ( i cant sing,but i like to watch and listen)

: 9-Do you own formal wear?
*Formal wear? I have a wedding/funural/fancy bridal shower/type of dress.

: 10-have you ever been outside, not in a car or building, naked?
*Does running from the pool to the picnic table to get my clothes count?
: and this concludes the randomness that is me

WEll, I enjoy the randomness. Thank you

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