Re: And keep on chewing.

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Posted by pilky9o at on August 09, 2003 at 14:58:11:

In Reply to: And keep on chewing. posted by WisheyewuzPilky on August 09, 2003 at 14:47:29:

: You're acting like a little bitch Pilk . .c'mon, to say that I am emailing you, like it's plural. As in, all I've done is sit here and email you?? Dumb-shit. I went off to drop a dirt bomb and when I came back the old board was in put into a museum. So I emailed you a response. Don't want emails? Don't put your fucking email address up for everyone and anyone to email you, you stupid cry-baby cock-munch.

I said don't email me that is all. And normally I don't have a problem with people emailing me, but when it is bullshit like you are flinging than no, don't email me.

: Your fuck-all comment on something I said that you proclaimed wasn't worthy. Fuck you dickhead, that's jumping me. That's what you did, and you're damn right I bit back. As you said, HYPOCRITE, that's what people do here.

All I said was hey you bit back it was your decision. That is why I flamed you. Yopu bit so I did end of story. That does not make me a hypocrtie.

: Not only can't you spell, but apparently you can't remember what the fuck all you say to people. Some guy bitched about you jumping in on his gripe session with someone else, and you wrote back that it's everyone's business, cause it's on a board, then you want to try and bitch me out for taking everyone's business (cause it's on a board) and throwing it in with some other shit earlier. That's why you are a hypocrite stupid cum-sucking ball choking fuck head.

what did you just say? Other than the insults I didn't get it? Your sentence structure...oh wait then I would be stepping down to your level and only commenting on grammer and use of the english language.

: The real thing I wanted to discuss was when Kevin Smith was going to come to Dallas. Some one actually answered that question politely, no matter what they thought of my lynch humour, or my presidential assasination humour - then some dick head (that would be you) thought he would get all up in my shit cause you're the only funny mother-fucker on the board.

I never said anything remotely like that! And bud you weren't making a joke. I was, you couldn't handle the fact that I was making lite of your piece of shit post and so now you wanna say it was all me.

Fine if it makes you feel better it's me. I'm the asshole. Now do you feel better. Has it filled the void in your life?

: You didn't think my joke was in good taste? Have you noticed whose fucking board you're posting on dip-shit?

First off, I never commented on wether or not the joke was in good taste. I said it wasn't funny.

: You can dish it out, but clearly, your pussy ass can't take it.

what makes yopuu think that?

I just think you are an asshole that wants to dance around like a couplke of grade school bullies trying to figure out who is gonna hit first.

Well I am

and here it is.

You got nothing relevent to say. You got nothing worthwhile to talk to me about.

As far as I am concerned you are worthless.

Good bye little man, good bye.

I will not play your petty little game anymore.

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