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Posted by Kevin at on August 10, 2003 at 21:36:42:

In Reply to: some stuff for you Kevin......... posted by pilky9o on August 10, 2003 at 18:19:09:

: How did The comic con go yesterday?

Went well.

: Why oh why do I need a freakin credit card to buy anything from you?

You can send in a check or money order too, I believe.

: Who do you think takes the most blame when a movie tanks it?

The director.

: Who should really take that blame?

The director.

: Has Gigli effected your promo budget at all for Jersey girl?

Not at all.

: Or the campaign in general?

A bit, but in a good way - which I can't explain until the movie comes out. Ask me again

:And what kind of things influence the marketing of a movie?

Test screenings, mostly.

: And can you please oh please oh please tell everyone that Jersey girl is not Gigli 2.

I've said that already, haven't I? If I say it too much, then it starts to sound defensive. All I
can keep saying is that I'm not worried. Even though "Gigli" fell 83% this weekend, I'm still
not worried. Apples and blowjobs. Remember that.

: Can you reasure people at all that these movies are not even remotely similar?

They'll see that for themselves in March.

Meantime, don't sweat the armchair box office analysts who've been popping up here lately,
predicting a bleak future for our flick. There's being in the loop, and there's being out of
the loop. Then there's those folks.

: What do you think of those "lists" where you and you significant other gets to decide which
celebrities they can bang with no repurcutions?

First I've heard of such a thing.

: Would it shock you to find out that my pretty little lady has you on her list and not Affleck?

It doesn't shock me that Affleck's on the list, but me? Christ, is your lady blind or what?

: And uh no you ain't on my list.

Not the one you talk about in public, anway.

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