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Posted by DamonPhatBlunts at on August 10, 2003 at 20:11:37:

In Reply to: In case Kev's gonna answer...A whole mess O' Q's! posted by GohanMD on August 10, 2003 at 20:00:03:

: Hey Kev. I wanted to ask you a few Qs and get back some fat-ass As. Ready to go? Awesome.

: What was the proposed Bullseye arc that Bendis originally wanted to do? How would it have worked into Target?

I don't get the question?

: Back on the Evening DVD (my bro and I love it) you said that youd want to be Batman. I never understood why, because most of the Batmen I saw in movies were serious pansies, but 3 weeks ago I read The Dark Knight Returns, and I figured out why. Anyway, I wanted to thank you in a roundabout way for turning me onto your books and others. Great work on the DD: GD story. I thought youd just go all religious, and then you blew me away totally. Great work. Thanks.

your greatful...good

: Do you have a beef with Alex Ross? I thought I heard you did. Whats up wit dat?

NO!, I get that all the time, I don't

: Why all the delays on Jersey Girl?

there not my idea

: Will any screenings happen in Texas? San Antonio?

yes in Austin

: You follow the Nets? Im just really happy the Spurs kicked their ass. Good series.

Not a Bball fan

: Great job on the Roadside stuff.

Thanks I like it to

: Hows the house coming?


: Feel like going back to TV anytime soon?

yes on the history channel I am doing another comic thing

: Love your work, just had to get these questions and comments in.

thanks a lot?

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