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Posted by Chuck-D at on August 10, 2003 at 19:33:30:

In Reply to: I don't know... posted by ChrisMoses on August 10, 2003 at 19:26:16:

Tho semi-irrelevant. What research has found is most people would answer just as Chris did, that they didn't know, would do it for family, but for something as abstract as country? Wel... Hence why we work so hard to make the bonds between soldiers strong and famillial, so that you will fight for your family and friends, the ones whose lives depend on you and who man the fighting position to your right or left.

As for the units that don't fight, this is true, but every soldier should be prepared to perform in combat. Go read or watch Black Hawk Down. Alot of the guys who climbed back into the Humvees after the ground forces made it back to the base, then went back out into the city, those guys were mostly cooks, clerks, and intel guys. I myself have pulled guard duty with live ammo (never had to shoot/get shot at tho).

Like I said, good question, should think about it, but I'll reverse it - Unless you know you morally cannot take a life in the service of your country, then its not a barrier.


: Its kind of hard to imagine without experiencing it. I mean, have I been so desensitized to violence by video games, movies, and books that it doesn't frighten me anymore?

: But, I do not see myself taking a life; not for my COUNTRY. For my family, frieds; perhaps. But, not someone who is only a piece to a threat to a country, not to me personally. Besides, there are regiments that DON'T kill people right? I mean, I could just do what Stan Lee did, and write combat manuals or something non-life threatening.

: : : ...don't go there.

: : It's the obvious moral question...

: : Would you be prepared to take the life of another human being because they are a member of the forces of a country with whom your country is at war?

: : (I have tried to make that a straightforward question. Terrorsit scum should be killed without hesitation and do not enter into the moral issue.)

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