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Posted by pickleweasel at on August 10, 2003 at 19:02:52: are you? Just got back from the Catskills (Middletown, rather...that part of the state is all the same to me). On the way back, we ate at the Wendys in Deposit, and I happened to see some coupons for the Delaware County Fair...I believe. Are you going? That area is SO BEAUTIFUL! So much prettier (not to mention more interesting than where I live). There are these purple wildflowers there...have you seen these? They grow everywhere, and they are SO pretty. There's a couple of places somewhere on route 17, more toward Middletown or Liberty, I think...where there are like fields of them! Very cool. Did you like my poems? Thank you for not e-mailing me back, telling me never to e-mail you again or something...that's what I was most afraid of...I really don't mind if you don't answer me...I just like to know that you got them, and the only way that that is pretty much guaranteed is through e-mail. I'm really sorry for bothering you...I just have this strange, overwhelming need to talk to you...I don't know what it is...when I see or hear something interesting, or relating to you, I'm just like, "I have to tell Betty about this...or Babka, rather." and then I'm like, "oh wait...who am I supposed to tell?!" Yeah, I have issues...I'm sorry. Really hope you return in time to read this. -Morgan

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