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Posted by sra_dulcinea at tullahoma-24-159-23-81.midtn.chartertn.net on August 03, 2003 at 11:39:52:

Ok, maybe it's the area of the country where I live (the Bible Belt), maybe it's my age (30-ish, and that's all I'm admitting to), or maybe it's my profession (high school English teacher), but I have a DAMN hard time finding other women to talk to who love Kevin's movies. If I want to have a good conversation about them, I have to go online or talk to guys about them. I adore them, can quote all of them almost word-for-word ("Chasing Amy" and "Clerks" I CAN quote word-for-word), and it kills me that I can't find more women with an interest in them around here. Any other ladies who post to this board have a problem like mine, or do you all (hopefully) live in more enlightened areas of the world?


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