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Posted by shitty speller...DEAL WITH IT! at 24-205-41-43.gln-eres.charterpipeline.net on August 03, 2003 at 22:40:27:

In Reply to: So I am making my way through the Halloween movies posted by jthecamb on August 03, 2003 at 22:16:11:

: and tonight I am watching Halloween 3. I just looked at the box and noticed that Mike Myers isn't even in it. Is this sort of the "Halloween movie that doesn't fit in with the others at all" type movie?

: I watched 1 and 2 last week and really liked both of them. Is it all downhill from here?

: I grew up on Nightmare on Elm Street and love all of them. Even the less stellar ones. I was thinking of going through the Friday The 13ths after I finish with Halloween so that I can be ready for Freddy vs. Jason. I have only seen like two Friday the 13ths and they were kind of crappy. Are any of them any good?

Easily on my bottom 3. its such a waste of time to even watch. as far as I remember, Meyes isnt in it. and theres very few murders, if i remember correctly

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