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Posted by Alameda Whipsnake at proxify.com on August 03, 2003 at 22:27:16:

In Reply to: So I am making my way through the Halloween movies posted by jthecamb on August 03, 2003 at 22:16:11:

i dont think it ever gets as good as the first two halloweens although part 4 is decent

if you can try watching the producers cut of part 6 - i think its a little better than the theatrical release but not a whole lot

my least favorite would have to be part 5 - that one had no atmosphere

but it is kind of all downhill from what youve seen

ps part 3 is the only non-michael entry

on to ft13th - no there arent really any "good" ones but if you find movies where one person walks around killing other people mildly entertaining you might as well watch them just to watch them

so heres my take on the fridays

part 1-ehh whatever its okay
part2- has a few decent moments
part 3-pretty stupid but arent they all - has some decent moments
part 4- even crispin glover is bad in this one and thats not good - okay but it has probably the worst of all the teen groups
part 5-kinda atmospheric but ultimately disappointing
part 6-whatever its okay
part 7- i like this one a little cause of the girl who fights jason
part 8-dreadful except for maybe the last 10 minutes or so
part 9-incredibly stupid and they try and completely change the mythos not that theres much of one to change
part 10-kinda amusing

i gotta say that i only really like parts 1 6 and 7 of nightmare so my opinion might be different from yours

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