fuggin hilarious... nt

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Posted by Chicago at 12-248-207-6.client.attbi.com on August 06, 2003 at 05:23:30:

In Reply to: Re: stupid poll posted by nogoodnick on August 06, 2003 at 05:12:57:

: : 1. Do you think Jersey girl is going to suck?(yeah we are all big kevin smith fans...but come on

: - I really haven't heard anything about it, except that it is a departure from his other films. But I have enough faith in Kevin that it will be a good movie. Here's to hoping.

: : 2. how long have u been postin on the board

: - About two weeks.

: : 3. do u consider urself...a board nazi?...bitch(just felt right to say it afterwords)

: - Not at all.

: : 4. did u ever attend a comic-con? if u did...wat the hell did u buy?..or were u just cheap and get a lot of free shit

: -Never been. But then again I live in Saskatchewan, where comics are forbidden.

: : 5. would u fuck a transy hooker?...in the back?...of ur volkswagon?...bitch?

: -ewwwwwww

: : 6. where ya live?

: -Saskatchewan

: : 7. how old r u?

: - 15

: : 8. do u hate me?...do i hate u?...maybe

: -no, and i know you don't hate me.

: : 9. do u play an instrument? (ur dick doesnt count)

: -guitar

: : 10. wat is the best dirty bar joke u got?

: i'm to young and innocent for that type of thing. But I got a good joke that has nothing to do with bars:
: This guy goes into his doctors for his annual check-up. The doctor does all the test and comes back with the results later on. He says to the guy "You will have to take suppositories for two weeks, twice a day". The doctor puts the first one in himself. Later that night the guy goes home and his wife goes to put in the second suppository. As she is doing it, she puts a hand on his shoulder and starts to put it in.
: "Damn it!" the guy yells.
: "Did I hurt you" asks his wife.
: "No, I just realized when the doctor put the last one in, he had both of his hands on my shoulders".

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