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Posted by Tom (POJK) at on August 06, 2003 at 05:17:42:

In Reply to: stupid poll posted by zedlav on August 06, 2003 at 05:01:37:

: 1. Do you think Jersey girl is going to suck?(yeah we are all big kevin smith fans...but come on)

-- Probably not.

: 2. how long have u been postin on the board?

-- Uhh... it's August, right? Then a little over a year and a half.

: 3. do u consider urself...a board nazi?...bitch(just felt right to say it afterwords)

-- I don't know. I think the majority of regulars here are far too judgemental and self-satisfied, so I suppose that justifies me being an ass towards them.

: 4. did u ever attend a comic-con? if u did...wat the hell did u buy?..or were u just cheap and get a lot of free shit

-- Yeah, once, couple of weeks back. I got a big 'Army Of Darkness' Ash doll for 5, when they're usually 35, a copy of 'Superman: Red Son #1' for 7 and the 'Punisher - Volume 1' hardback for 18. I thought these were some reasonable deals. I don't like comic-cons though, they smell funny.

: 5. would u fuck a transy hooker? the back?...of ur volkswagon?...bitch?

-- I didn't know your dad (who is also Stoichkov) was still on the game.

: 6. where ya live?

-- The UK.

: 7. how old r u?

-- 19.

: 8. do u hate me? i hate u?...maybe

-- You're pretty stupid, but hate's too strong a word. Pity, maybe.

: 9. do u play an instrument? (ur dick doesnt count)

-- Not right now, no.

: 10. wat is the best dirty bar joke u got?

-- A man walks into a bar, sees how filthy the place is, exclaims 'this is the dirtiest bar I've ever seen!', leaves, and never comes back. And that man's name was Tommy Lee Jones, star of 'Men In Black 2' and 'The Fugitive'. True story.

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