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Posted by zedlav at on August 06, 2003 at 04:48:49:

In Reply to: Yet another stupid poll... posted by Chicago on August 06, 2003 at 04:34:42:

: Brought to you by the people who brought you The Stupid Poll...

: 1.) You're ten years old again. But this time, your name is Elkhound. The kids on the playground make fun of you for it. How do you tell them off?

while the leader of the shit is talking to his girlfriend...i would come up and just knock the fuck outta him...infron of his girl...(pops colla..spits game)

: 2.) Cream of wheat... elaborate.

is it really cream?...or..wheat? it cream from the wheat?...if it aint...y would they name it "cream of wheat"?...maybe the founder of it liked the saying or just thought it up. but y "cream of wheat"?..if it isnt cream in the first place...

: 3.) Three magic markers walk into a bar... what does the first one say? The next question does NOT have to be answered... What does the second one say?

the first one says: it aint no fun
the second one says: if the homies cant have none

: 4.) You have a blender that can only blend three things at a time... what are the first three things you shove in there to liquefy?

jenna jameson...kobe card(accepted everywhere)

: 5.) If your clock had stopped, what time would you most prefer it to stop at?


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