Poll...that is stupid...=stupid poll

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Posted by zedlav at ip68-101-224-121.sd.sd.cox.net on August 06, 2003 at 03:27:34:

In Reply to: Stupid Poll, really stupid... posted by Chicago on August 06, 2003 at 02:16:12:

: 1.) Do you have one of those furry covers on your toilet seat lid?

maybe(shifts eyes)...(closes bathroom door)

: 2.) Orange juice: Pulp or no pulp?

i like pulp...with have non pulp n half pulp....it brings out the flavor

: 3.) What is the definition of the word "nodus?" (Make one up, for goodness sake.) The plural form of that word is "nodi."

nodus: a group of savages that just got back from buying milk at the store
nodi: the milk...

: 4.) If you were forced to say something profound, and your profound statement had to start with the letter M... what would you say?

Man this is some good shit (puff puff give)

: 5.) You garden gnome has suddenly gone missing... what do you do?

WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY GARDEN GNOME?!? OH THESE MUTHA FUCKAS GONNA PAY! (gathers the usual crew that rides) (starts killin off other people that seemed to suspicious around my damn gnome)

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