Oh honey...you're just killing me.....

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Posted by Elorah Dannan at h0040d02a0bab.ne.client2.attbi.com on August 06, 2003 at 02:00:40:

In Reply to: Before I begin posting.... posted by DanShoryu on August 06, 2003 at 01:51:11:

I am trying my hardest to be nice, because the last few weeks I've been kinda harsh, but you are testing me. Fuckin' drop it. Please, just let it go. Who cares if you're a Neopet? Who cares if you've been the victim of harsh posts... You're not the first, and you will not be the last. Grow some testicles and get over this.

: non-hostile posts, will you guys just fucking understand? What would you guys do if
: someone kept responding to your posts, just trying to annoy you? All of you are
: treating me like the bad guy, I didn't do shit but defend myself. All of you other
: people wanted to get involved and acted like I'm responsible for this stupid board
: fued. What you don't know is, I sent an e-mail to Elfy asking to bury the hatchet, but
: she decided to make a joke out of it on the board. I'm not the instigator here.

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