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Posted by The Ponderer at on August 06, 2003 at 00:58:11:

In Reply to: I hate to say this but... posted by xtubbyx on August 06, 2003 at 00:07:30:

: You guys are nerds iam soo sorry but it's true. Who goes out and reads the posts here and checks spelling or grammar errors? LOL nerds NERDS! lol Seriously i just came on the board to share some ideas. You guys can't take a lil change to your lil WORLDS. (i know you asses are getting me for the use of the word LIL) JESUS this is retarded go ahead have your little EVERQUEST talks and some more Star Wars references or whatever nerds to nowadays. As for me iam a hXc (hardcore)KEvin SMith fan but not so much i lash out on people who have opinions. NERDS GETS A SNAPPING check my spelling and grammar now and start talking crap but when you all go to sleep remeber this lil tubbx3 is getting more than all of you put together. ROTF lates my niggas

For someone who talks so mucha about people being wrong for pointing out misspelled words, and such, you seem to have quite a set definition of 'nerds' Now I'm not denying that I personally have some nerdish qualities, but who are you to say what we do in our free time? Because people want to UNDERSTAND your opinions (which you so VERY much wanted to get across, apparantly) you go off on them. If you want your point to be taken seriously, or taken at all, for most of the people here that oould include using full sentences and correctly spelled words. I understand flubs, but for a lot of people, as you are used to 'chat' typing, they are used to 'good grammer' typing.

Now I dont know if you're new, but I assume you are. And frankly, assuming that, you should expect to get flamed over the little things. It's like an initiation of sorts. Most likely, a more frequent user flamed you for misspelling, and you took it badly. But thats what you have to come to expect around joints like this. No one's gonna change things to fit you, slick.

And for the record, I haven't seen Star Wars in twelve years, nor have I ever heard of Everquest. My God I'm a blasphemer among nerds!! Whatever shall I do???

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