Re: Shity poll, yes, but nonetheless my answers

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Posted by freeleonardpeltier at on August 05, 2003 at 19:29:02:

In Reply to: Shity poll but none the less a poll posted by Silent Moe on August 05, 2003 at 19:20:12:

: its not mine but one I found down the board

: Do you believe...

: -Psychics (as in the ones that make a business out of their "gift")
In a way, yes, but not in people making a buisness of it, that's just bullshit.
: -Astrological signs?
: -Aliens have visited Earth?
Well they let you in
: -Aliens have abducted humans?
Sure why not
: -The gov't is covering up human/alien encounters?
: -Creationalism (Adam & Eve)
Bullshit imo
: -Ouja (sp?) boards?
I cheat
: -Hell?
No, not really a bad word.
: -Miracles?
Yes please, and lots of money too.
: -Natural Supplementation?
Beer and liquor are natural
: -Sasquatch or "missing links?"
Sasquatch is my uncle
: -Pot should be legal?
No, the government would start marketing it and it all would end up watered down and shitty. Besides it's not that hard to get, and unless your growing or dealing you won't get into any big trouble.
: -Ghosts of hauntings?
You are a weird person
: -Weeping or bleeding statues or paintings?
: -Spontaneous human combustion?
You watch way too much X files
: -The female orgasm?
Easy, it's all in the tounge
: -Men & woman can just be "friends?"
: -Some form of deity is watching over us?
I hope not
: -You life will be judged after you die?
I think i've already been punished by this poll

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