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Posted by SuPeR BiTcH at on August 05, 2003 at 16:15:25:

In Reply to: Quit it posted by CATIE on August 05, 2003 at 16:12:39:

: Every other post is someone bitching.
: Bitching about Gigli and/or Jenís and/or Benís performances in Gigli
: Bitching about other directors/writers works
: Bitching about not getting their shot or
: Just plain bitching! Cut it out already.

: Not for nothing Ė I donít read the board everyday Ė but I check it regularly enough and nothing pisses me off more than the bitching over trivial things.

: So now it is my turn. I read a post today that was BITCHING about Kevin! Of all the damn things to bitch about on this website! The post accuses Kevin of selling out! What the fuck is that!

: Kevinís movies just get better and better. He hasnít sold out! He just as funny now as he was with Clerks. His humor hasnít changed - it is still a little out there Ė and that is what makes his shit so good! So please stop your bitching and complaining about how he has sold out.

: I bet Jersey Girl will KICK ASS TOO. Not because of whoís in it, or not in it Ė BUT BECAUSE OF WHO WROTE IT. Kevinís wit and words are what makes his movies so great. He could take almost anyone off the streets and stick them in the movie in place of the BIG NAMES and the movie would still be a hit! Because it is funny shit.

: Kevin paid his dues, he did the hard time and he made it. So donít be all pissed off at him now and call him a sell out because NOW big names want to work with him. Most of the people he is working with now, are the same people he has worked with before (DUHHHHHH!) but hey new faces should be welcomed too.

: Good luck Kevin. I hope Jersey Girl KICKS ASS just to shut some of these putzes up. I canít wait to see it, and anything else you come up with!

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