Re: Poll - So what do you believe?

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Posted by CATIE at on August 05, 2003 at 15:23:13:

In Reply to: Poll - So what do you believe? posted by Trent Reno on August 05, 2003 at 10:13:31:

: Do you believe...

: -Psychics (as in the ones that make a business out of their "gift")
Yes, but real mediums and psychics, not those late night "call me now" freaks that charge per min. I love John Edwards.

!: -Astrological signs?
I think there is some general truth behind them.

: -Aliens have visited Earth?

: -Aliens have abducted humans?
Probably not, but if we found them, we would probably steal a few to study so, I guess it isn't that far fetched a concept. My innocence makes me hope that we wouldn’t kidnap others for study, but this is the real world so I guess I have to supposed they would to.

: -The gov't is covering up human/alien encounters?

: -Creationalism (Adam & Eve)

: -Ouja (sp?) boards?
YUP - Milton Bradley's connection to the spiritual worlds. :-P

: -Hell?

: -Miracles?
Absolutely - they happen all the time, we just don't always recognise them anymore.

: -Natural Supplementation?

: -Sasquatch or "missing links?"
Why not, sometimes in nature things don't always come out as planned. There are bound to be some natural fuck ups?

: -Pot should be legal?
Yes - clear out some of those jails for the real criminals

: -Ghosts of hauntings?
YUp - and when I die I am coming back to haunt my freaking unappreciative bosses!

: -Weeping or bleeding statues or paintings?
Miracles happen.

: -Spontaneous human combustion?

: -The female orgasm?
Rare, but TRUE! :-)

: -Men & woman can just be "friends?"
Sure - either the girl isn't attracted to the guy, or they have already done it so the sexual tension is gone leaving freindship behind

: -Some form of deity is watching over us?

: -You life will be judged after you die?
Only by me.

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