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Posted by uglinessman at on August 05, 2003 at 11:30:15:

first of all, i want to suggest that in the yahoo store, the buddy christ dashboard figure should also be included on the J&SBSB page, since carrie fisher's nun character had one on her dash.

second, i noticed an english error in the flying car transcript that kinda rubbed me the wrong way

: Randal: Well, you should of paid a lawyer look over the contract.

: The wimpy little scumbag who could of
: breached the chasm of becoming and being.

this may seem petty, but this is one common english mistake that drives me batty, and it's a little disheartening to see it "officially" on this website. when you say those phrases out loud, they sound fine, but "should of" and "could of" are not what is being said, they are contractions, shortening the word "have". they are "should've" and "could've".
[note: anyone directly connected with view askew (especially Kevin) may stop reading now, the rest of the post is directed towards whiners who may post objections to my correction]
and before you start rolling your eyes and say "look out, here comes the grammar police", it's not grammar, it's usage. bad grammar doesn't bother me. in fact, i expect it, especially on the internet. bad usage, on the other hand, is mild ignorance at best and gross laziness at worst. it's like people on chat channels who don't give a crap what the difference is between there, their and they're. short forms (brb, lol, 4), abbreviations and slang are fine, they aren't technically "wrong". bad usage is wrong. sorry to rant so much, i'm just getting used to having to defend myself against stupidity when posting on forums like this

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