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Posted by pilky9o at on August 05, 2003 at 10:36:20:

In Reply to: Poll - So what do you believe? posted by Trent Reno on August 05, 2003 at 10:13:31:

: Feel free to go beyond the "yes or no" answer if you see fit.

: Do you believe...

: -Psychics (as in the ones that make a business out of their "gift")

I tend to disbelieve those people who are at the dirt mall flogging their skills. I do believe their are people with extraordinary abilities, but they are just bullshittin their way through.

: -Astrological signs?


: -Aliens have visited Earth?

not really sure yet. I have read some good stuff on this, but nothing has convinced me of it. Have you read Chariots of the gods?

: -Aliens have abducted humans?

why wouldn't they abduct some brighter examples of people. The only ones I have ever read about wqere cletus and emmy sue.

: -The gov't is covering up human/alien encounters?

Do I trust governments, no, do I think they could cover this up, no.

: -Creationalism (Adam & Eve)


: -Ouja (sp?) boards?

not in the least

: -Hell?

I believe you can't have one without the other.

: -Miracles?

Not as such. I think yeah there are amazing events which defy explanation, but what causes them, or can they attributed to a specific set of facts, no. They're just truely amazing situations.

: -Natural Supplementation?

what are you on drugs? How could you ask such a question.

: -Sasquatch or "missing links?"

Hey there are somne scary looking dudes out there.

: -Pot should be legal?

I think it should have the same controls on it as alcohol. No driving while stoned, and dammit why do you need to be stoned at work. I have no problem with anyone who likes to unwind with a joint or whatever. As long as they are responsable members of society who cares what people do. It is only a problem when people become a burden on society as a whole.

: -Ghosts of hauntings?


: -Weeping or bleeding statues or paintings?


: -Spontaneous human combustion?

with or without the aid of Taco Bell?

: -The female orgasm?

I am told that yes I do believe in this.

: -Men & woman can just be "friends?"

in some cases yes. This is not a black and white yes or no question, heck this is not a black and white world.

: -Some form of deity is watching over us?

not my problem either way. Doesn't really effect my life. I'm of the opinion that if you have a good heart, try your best not to hurt others and generally lead a good life, you did the right thing. And any concept of god that anyone can come up with should never be mad about that. Hey if your god is so insecure that he/she/it needs me to worship everyday, maybe it's time to rethink things a little.

: -You life will be judged after you die?


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