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Posted by SilentFilmStar at on August 05, 2003 at 01:06:37:

In Reply to: Self-Image poll for the night peeps posted by Heather~Queen of Typonia on August 04, 2003 at 23:27:13:

: 1-Do you consider yourself attractive?

Well, I'm not drop-dead gorgeous or anything--I guess I'd say I'm average-looking.

: 2-Do others express to you they find you attractive?


: 3-Are you medically over weight? Under weight?

A little over.

: 4-Do you feel happy with your body?


: 5-Have you ever done anything to try and change your body?

I occasionally try to eat better and get more exercise, but it usually doesn't last very long.

: 6-Do you have tattoos? If so why? and What of?

None at all.

: 7-Do you have piercings? Why? and Where?

Two piercings in each ear--probably will be three in each later this year.

: 8-Are you comfortable with yourself nude? IN front of someone else?

By myself--yes. With someone else--depends on who it is.

: 9-How do yopu generally dress?

My casual style is dressy to other people.

: 10-Do you think looks count when it comes to relationships?

Maybe at first, but only because that's the only thing you really know about someone when you first meet them. Later, they become so unimportant that I don't even really consider them. Also, if you really come to like someone for who they are, all you see is "gorgeous" when you look at them, no matter what the actual truth is.

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