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Posted by rpimath at on August 05, 2003 at 00:22:09:

In Reply to: Self-Image poll for the night peeps posted by Heather~Queen of Typonia on August 04, 2003 at 23:27:13:

: 1-Do you consider yourself attractive? Somewhat.
: 2-Do others express to you they find you attractive? Strangely I have had some offers for random sex lately...hubba hubba.
: 3-Are you medically over weight? Under weight? Probably over.
: 4-Do you feel happy with your body? Somewhat.
: 5-Have you ever done anything to try and change your body? Nothing besides diet, although my friend who owns a tattoo parlor said if I ever wanted a tat, he would put the 30-60-90 triangle on one ankle and the 45-45-90 triangle on the other...
: 6-Do you have tattoos? If so why? and What of? Nope...see last question.
: 7-Do you have piercings? Why? and Where? Just one pair of boring old earring holes.
: 8-Are you comfortable with yourself nude? IN front of someone else? Depends who it is.
: 9-How do yopu generally dress? T-shirts and jeans, unless I'm trying to get some...
: 10-Do you think looks count when it comes to relationships? Yep...for me, guys have to look strong and girls have to have large breasts...just the way it's gotta be.


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