Can't sleep due to searing pain answers....

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Posted by Eyes Only at on August 05, 2003 at 00:07:22:

In Reply to: Self-Image poll for the night peeps posted by Heather~Queen of Typonia on August 04, 2003 at 23:27:13:

: 1-Do you consider yourself attractive?
No - but considering the number of ladies of the female persuasion who have deigned to exchange body fluids with me, I must have something.

: 2-Do others express to you they find you attractive?
only ladies

: 3-Are you medically over weight? Under weight?
I am medically overweight - for my height, according to the charts, there is about 120lb too much of me - but I have the build of a power weight lifter, if not actually a WWF wrestler - so the extra ain't all fat!

: 4-Do you feel happy with your body?
No - I need to lose some muscle from my upper body, but I need to do it without it turning to fat.

: 5-Have you ever done anything to try and change your body?
I had an accident in the mid 1980s that caused a tendon to separate from my spine - this caused so much pain I couldn't stand, let alone walk. I have such a low metabolism (from being super fit in my early 20s) that I have to exercise a lot to keep the fat down. This accident stopped all exercise apart from breathing - I put on weight like crazy. I had to change the way I tried to exercise - i.e. no strain on the spine - so I developed massive upper body musculature - I got through the pain barrier eventually and lost the fat. This has left me with permanent spinal problems - it hurts like hell if I walk too much and, if I twist badly or use my back incorrectly, it tends to go into spasm as a protective measure - anyone who has had spinal muscle spasm will tell you how muchit hurts! Yeah - at one stage I thought I'd never walk again - then I told myself that this was unacceptable and to deal with it. So I did.

: 6-Do you have tattoos? If so why? and What of?
No tattoos at the moment (there are reasons for that) - I'm making some life changes at the moment, so that situation will change. I rather fancy a Chinese dragon on the inside of my right forearm and a Chinese tiger on the inside of my left forearm - Plus, of course, I have to have a Vixen tattoed somewhere...

: 7-Do you have piercings? Why? and Where?
No - I quite fancy having my left ear done - but that creates a terrible weakness - I'm not too sure that my scrapping days are over - so that is in abeyance.

: 8-Are you comfortable with yourself nude? IN front of someone else?

: 9-How do yopu generally dress?
Polo shirts and cargo pants; black teeshirt and black SAS issue combat pants; that sort of stuff - military surplus cool. Plus I always wear Reebok, Nike air or Doc Martins. I hate formal - you can't fight in formal!

: 10-Do you think looks count when it comes to relationships?
Only if you are truly stupid. Ho hum - I've had relationships with women who are drop dead gorgeous - and equally fulfilling relationships with women who are not what one might consider 'good looking' - as I've posted elsewhere on this board - looks don't matter to me - it's who the person is....The interior animal, if you like. Having said that - and in order not to get into terrible trouble - I must say that my significant other is a truly handsome woman (there you go, Shane baby, I've gone public!).

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