Bonus! I found a VHS i did not know i had

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Posted by Heather~Queen of Typonia at on August 04, 2003 at 22:53:17:

Ok i got int he habit of going around the corner on saturdays before work last year to the used book store because they would out out bins of VHS movies for $1, i would buy anyhting interesting looking and shove them into the cabinet under the tv, well i never watched any because i was all like a DVD mama, and didnt think of it. Well Scott had to seel our DVDs (ack! even Singles!) for reasons i am not even going to explain, so i was rummaging thru the videos, and lo and behold a movie with jason lee in it... even if it sucks it has Jason lee in it who i have some kinda weird skater fetish mad crush on, so i have something to watch later :)

i know ya'll dont care but it excited me lol

BTW it is kissing a fool, with david schwimmer, if i can survive jennifer love squirrel eyes in that one movie i forget now but Jason was cute in it...i can survive a "friend"

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