Happy 10 year anniversary to me..:))

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Posted by periphery at ptlddslgw12poola192.ptld.uswest.net on August 04, 2003 at 21:42:52:

Ok..here goes, I have been married to the same guy for 10 yrs and with him longer, we have had really good times and bad, but one thing I would always hope for is that no one would wish us anything but the best. I cannot imagine how awful it would be to have people all over the country rooting for your relationship to fail.. as for careers its the same thing, we all try to do what we like in life to make a living if possible, and when we accomplish that its a great thing..

I will probably never make as much money as a celebrity, but so what. When I first found out about Kevin and Ben and the crew I was jobless and lonely and they always made me laugh and think about things that made my life better. Ben Affleck is a smart person, maybe not the worlds best actor or what have you but he is funny and intellegent and sweet..Kevin obviously knows this and considers him a good friend. I am so happy that Kevin and Jen and Harley are a happy family that has shown how normal and fun a real family can be. I hope that Ben finds that too, whether or not its with Jennifer is NONE of my business, but happiness is something you can wish on anyone. I am blessed to have a great husband(whos damn sexy and smart)two kids and a great job.

If I were to wish for anything this year it would be for others to be happy and safe. Enjoy the movies for what they are ENTERTAINMENT and remember its your own life you really need to take care of..

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