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Posted by Kimberlieo at on August 04, 2003 at 12:57:12:

In Reply to: Hey kids!...Its poll time - cj stylie!!... posted by crazyjane. on August 03, 2003 at 17:27:10:

: Holy shit, newbies abound! I don't recognise many names...hello new people!!

: 1) If you were indestructable and all powerful, would you seek revenge upon anyone/thing/group of people? I would definatly work on the population issue....

: 2) What fashion trend/item (past or present) should never of been allowed to happen? Bannana clips

: 3) Shipwrecked! You can take one person, 3 books, 3 cds and one luxury item (take it as read that you have food, water and a cd player)...answers please... Affleck, Complete works of Shakespeare, complete works of Lewis Caroll, and a big old puzzle book. 3 cds... Violent Femmes, Bowie Box set, Rent soundtrack. Luxury Item? A fully stocked and staffed island resort.

: 4) It looks as though 3D may be making a comeback, what existing film would you like to see a 3D version of? Hitchcocks birds

: 5) Whats the strangest thing you've ever done?
Thats tough because there are so many... Spent a night sleeping on a park bench with a friend in central park, for fun? Stripped naked in a parking lot...on many occasions?....Made a job out of make-belive and dress-up? Paged myself at work? Graveyard parties? Bellydanced at a veterans hospital? Run partially clothed through a lawnsprinker in the middle of the night at a strangers house? Snorted a pixy stic for $? Bought every seat in a theater for the movie when Harry met Sally? Helped myself in a kitchen at a resurant, cause I was tierd of waiting? Madeout with a guy on stage, just before the curtian opened for a show? Rented a private plane to fly into an air show (I navigated, my ex piloted)... like I said so many things I do every day most folks would consider wierd. Hehe and you guys were impressed with the pizza thing.

: Thats all folks!

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