Mt. Rushmore.......where's Chuck?

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Posted by CIerkDante at on May 02, 2002 at 19:11:36:

In Reply to: The best... posted by Championship_Vinyl on May 02, 2002 at 16:41:37:

I really like the concept of such a structure.......perhaps a will make one in my home out of used tuna cans.

However, I cannot personally agree with some of the choices.

If building my own Rushmore, lets stick with the number 5, I would place the following.

Chuck Berry-I cannot believe he hasn't been mentioned yet, perhaps I am just getting too old for this group. Although not the most technically sound, or a violent shredder, his sound set the standard for rock guitar for the next 20 years.

Eric Clapton-"Clapton is God" is said from a reason. His shmaltzy babyface induced crap over the last few years has certainly damaged his legacy, but nothing can change what this man did for the guitar world.

Hendrix-Nuff Said

Vaughn-What more can be said about this stud that hasn't been? He was taken from us far too soon.

You know what? I actually have to leave it there. In my oh so humble opinion there is no one else worthy for my Guitar Mt. Rushmore.

Jimmy Page has got to be the most overrated guitarist this side of the sudden and bizarre outpouring for Billy Corgan.

Eddie V to me is the Spice Girls of rock guitar. He never really did anything terribly inventive. Hammer-ons and fingerboard play and all the many things often attributed to him had all been done before, and is it me, but in most VH songs, doesn't the solo sound like it is part of an entirely different song? Unlike some guitarists like Rhoades, Malmsteen and some other metal gods who can shred within the confines of the melody structure for the song, VH basically stops the song, does Ed's solo, then starts the song again. I find that terribly distracting from a musical standpoint.

........I've already talked too much

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