Hell, yea, writing haikus about Ramen

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Posted by pixies chick at 1cust15.tnt2.minneapolis3.mn.da.uu.net on May 02, 2002 at 00:17:46:

In Reply to: Ohhh..'THAT' Vular! posted by Amberwren on May 02, 2002 at 00:01:40:

: Ohhh...Just read the review...you Guy's are nawdy!

: Keep on shocking the establishment.
: Push those boundaries. Someone's got to.
: Good on you.(For heaven's sake, Art, keeps one busy.)

: Is it possible to go back to an independent day
: of the naive dumb dude, when everything was nice and love was in the air?

: You know I'm all for keeping things indie.
: Mainstream money is GOOD when it comes to budget time,
: but as a fellowess (is that the politically correct word for it?)
: artist(music tho') doesn't it suck?
: I'm sick of eating 2 minute noodles.

: How's life in LA LA Land?

: I'm enjoying the view from the Tasman Sea but my dream's still
: wander to that lil' ol' town of illusion ...sometimes.

: Ciao and keep up the good trash (You know that's tongue in cheek right?)

: Ambe

AND checking the couch for change to do the laundry sucks, but there's some freedom in that.
Ever see The Doors? In the beginning when they are all living by the beach...
Primavera can buy you a couple more weeks of freedom on the beach if you don't mind making it with dry milk instead of cream.

My husband picks up the bass sometimes, and I see him get into it, and I wonder if he misses it. Ten years in a bus, small towns, bars, dances... He says he doesn't. He likes a bed, not sleeping on a couch. He likes meals hot and his socks clean & dry.
But if he had done less time on the road, I wonder sometimes if I'd find him with his bags packed...

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