Great info - thx! Dogma/Thor parallels are more

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Posted by pixies chick at on May 02, 2002 at 00:03:50:

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obvious in the movie & comic book, but the info you have is really cool.

Thor fits into this because of how he comes to be on earth - having angered his father by not destroying his father's enemies. That's what got him banished to earth. Loki and Bartleby eventually fall out over what their actions mean, and Loki is killed by Bartleby -- this is like the relationship between Loki and Thor. Loki is angry that he has a lower station than Thor, and tries to elevate his own position by attacking Thor, or by abusing humanity and distracting Thor from Aasgard and Odin.

The presence of the entity who's whole purpose is to destroy the universe also fits in both stories. On some level, Loki is assisting Surtur in his assault on the universe & Aasgard.
Surtur's the equivalent to Azrael, a creature driven to bring about the end of creation. Bartleby and Loki believe that they are going to escape their sentence on earth by crossing this threshhold, but in fact, they are being used by Azrael as an assault on heaven, and that would cause the end of existence. They too are pawns in the destroyer's schemes.

I was talking about God as portrayed in Dogma, not God as The Catholic God as known in the religion. The John Doe Jersey God in Dogma is reminiscent of the disguises Odin would take on to interact with people.

thanks again for the info -- where'd you find it??

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