Well not the WHOLE day but thanks...*nt*

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Posted by COOPER18 at 67-89-7-194.customer.algx.net on May 02, 2002 at 14:59:59:

In Reply to: thanks jason....you made our day... posted by SexyJ on May 02, 2002 at 14:54:40:

: ~~you made a lot of drooling fanboys and girls happy. thanx. maybe now we can get along better!!

: its kinda like a pack of wild dogs. when we dont get a treat/food once in a while we turn on each other. give us that one thing we want/need....well we can live together in peace. we can all become friends again.

: ok bad analogy but i think you get it.

: : .....for the birthday shout-outs, you hardcore ghetto birds!

: : Yep, folks, the ol' Brodie is 32. I guess K. Smith joins me in August.
: : It's August, right?

: : Anyway, just got back from Europe and had to fly up to Vancouver the
: : next day to do another day on "Dreamcatcher". One more day after
: : this and I'm done with the movie. Very cool character Mr. Kasdan so
: : kindly gave me. Beaver is his name and he sort of looks like Buddy
: : Holly.

: : Drove through many countries. Loved Vienna, Austria. Insane
: : pastries and handmade chocolates. Took a lot of photographs, did a
: : lot of driving, ate a lot of tasty grub.

: : After finishing "Dreamcatcher" I'll be off this summer working on a
: : documentary on three artist friends of mine that I plan on selling to
: : distributors for television release. Bryten Goss is one of the artists
: : (Kevin owns some of his work). It'll be the first official production from
: : my production company, Filigree Winter Productions.

: : I'll be back to check in later.

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