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Posted by sean at on May 02, 2002 at 13:34:19:

In Reply to: Uh huh. posted by BrianLynch on May 02, 2002 at 12:09:26:

: Half the trailers for ATTACK OF THE CLONES (fuck, ATTACK...OF...THE..CLONES) look okay, but those "love", I don't know. And PHANTOM MENACE had great trailers, so...

: ...but yeah, I'll go. I see every movie. And BAD movies, yeah, they're fun to make fun of.

I don't know about that last bit ... remember the guy, a few hours ago, who threatened to kill you because you were making fun of it on-line? Imagine a theater full of them, and you're right there making fun of it.

That said, the first time I saw any trailer for "Attack of the Clones" was in front of "Lord of the Rings". At the end, the entire theater was stunned silent by how bad the ad was, until I laughed out loud, after which a few other people joined in.

I'm hoping -- based on nothing but my desire to see a good movie -- that the 'love' ads [one of those was the one in front of LotR, and my immediate reaction to that was, "Man, and they said Jake Lloyd was a bad actor..."] are not representative of any substantial amount of the movie, but just a mis-guided marketing attempt to go after audiences other than the core "Star Wars" crowd who'll be there half a dozen times on opening weekend regardless of the ads or, indeed, the film itself. They're (the ads, that is) trying to appeal to that "Titanic" crowd too.

But that's just my hope. Some of the things in the ad look good, but, truthfully, it's the things I've read about that have me interested enough to see it.

--wondering why Lucas has them call themselves "knights" if they aren't "soldiers"

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