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Posted by SexyJ at on May 02, 2002 at 12:27:21:

In Reply to: parents should also limit what kids...... posted by DRD #37 on May 02, 2002 at 12:14:59:

when i was young i watched everything from seaseme street to dukes of hazard to benny hill. my mom says that she never let me watch woody woodpecker but yet i loved that show and always watched it. dont know how though. i dont remember being sneaky about it either. i also would play star wars and pretend gun fights with my neighbor but because of my parents influence on me, i knew what was real and what was make believe. what was wrong and what was right. it just seems that parents now a days are having their kids too young (im not saying that all young parents are bad at all) and because of that they feel they missed the partying or going out so they do that causing them to be 'absent' from the growing of their child. as the child gets older they feel neglected. i know alot of people like that. but i must say that i also know alot of good parents out there who are still young!!

hell i know some kids (12,13,14,15 etc) who drink...and their parents GIVE them the liquor!!!


: ......are allowed to listen to and watch, especially at an early age when they're extremely impressionable. They should teach the kids to know the difference between right and wrong, and always know how to act in certain situations. That's really where parents are to fault - not in causing kids' violent behavior, but in that they don't teach kids that violent behavior is bad.

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