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Posted by Isis at cau03.cau.cornell.edu on May 02, 2002 at 11:21:43:

In Reply to: Does this not piss you off??? posted by pixies chick on May 02, 2002 at 11:09:08:

And what have THEY done for me lately?

Everyone's got their ideas, you know...and it's always interesting when someone takes the time to track down Smitty to insult him. If they have that much of an opinion, it means they're a fan with an attitude, not that they hate him or are out to get him.

It's like in the "Untitled" version of Almost Famous, where Bowie's fan is standing there in line talking about how Bowie has sold out and his last album sucked and so forth, trying to sound all sophisticated, and then the elevator opens and he practically wets himself squealing "Bowwiiiieee!"

It means he LOVES. In other words no it doesn't piss me off.

: Awright, I will try to breathe calmly...

: That jackass called Kevin Smith a sell-out. What kind of stupid mindless crap is that? Is there any piece of evidence out there that the man has acted in contrast to his stated beliefs?

: There is no appreciation for the importance of integrity in society, and even when we see it, it gets shot down.

: I don't mean to imply that I think the man is a saint. I don't buy everything he sells. But I don't think he has ever given the impression that he is something he isn't. The man's an open book - the last couple of Arena articles make it pretty clear that he is not trying to hide who he is. Whatever criticism one might want to make of him, and many people have said many things, this one is the most false.

: I am appalled that such a spurious statement could be made. I'd like to see it retracted.

: ... and I'm going to have another coffee dammit.

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