Oh, Perfect id-eee-ooot...

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Posted by pixies chick at 1cust177.tnt1.minneapolis3.mn.da.uu.net on May 05, 2002 at 11:44:54:

In Reply to: Shut up. NT posted by PerfectIdiot23 on May 05, 2002 at 11:05:36:

: : With all this talk and hype about comics into movies, I was thinking of this great idea. I have this comic called CLerks, and I think it would be cool as a movie. It might suck, but it could be funny. If you have'nt heard of it, it's about these guys who work in stores...And these 2 dealers...Never mind, it sounds like it'd suck.

'Smatter, babe?

Forgive the pronunciation - I live kind of close to Canada.
... and I guess I got the reverse Chasing Amy thing going -- trying to lure Banky Edwards with the ability to say "aboot," but of course he's with Hooper X now... alas.

Personally, I think this guys idea could work, if he got the right support. Couple of guys like Vincent & Mosier, somebody willing to let him use a set for free...

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