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Posted by ScottMan at on May 05, 2002 at 06:41:25:

In Reply to: Geez posted by Kiss lt on May 05, 2002 at 05:10:32:

First, your flame is completely misdirected. Perhaps you should attack those who hated Spiderman, rather than people like me who loved it so much that they plan to see it again tomorrow. Now, let's look at how you totally misconstrued my critique.

: Rip-off-scenes? Was the tiny curb (that you oddly call "rip-offs") so high, that you get tripped up and became hell bent on not seeing Dafoe's superb acting talent in his portrait of a madman? That's pretty rude.

No, no, no, no, NO, you completely worthless excuse for a pile of shit. AGAIN, "Now, I know the Green Goblin was a total wacko, and it fit the character." Let's look at that again. Green Goblin was a total wacko. It fit the character. Dafoe protrayed the madman that was the Green Goblin. MY ONLY FUCKING PROBLEM was the scenes were HIGHLY reminiscent of the Joker scenes in Batman. THAT IS ALL.

: : but the worst thing was the use of the Alpha Centauri Laser Cannon for Spidey's web. Totally took me out of the moment,

: Because you know exactly how webbing that comes out of a man's wrist sounds like.

No, because I know exactly what the laser cannons sound like from Sid Meier's "Alpha Centauri" computer game. There's no excuse for ripping sound effects when you have much more options available.

: : and suddenly I was thinking about building up an army to take on the forces of the Megacorp and his evil Psyworms. The sound designer oughta be flogged for that one.

: Yeah, because he got creative. What an asshole he is.

Stealing from other sound designers is not creative. HELLO, PLAGIARISM?

: Is Norman Osborn human? Yes. But is he rich? Yes. Like Lex Luthor, he could afford not to care. Do you know anything about these characters?

YES, he is human. YES, he is rich. He was VERY one-sided, though. He was the typical Sam Raimi bad guy twirling his moustache going "Muahahaha."

: : The thanksgiving dinner was wonderful, as was the photo scene with MJ at the beginning, and...hell with it. EVERYTHING involving natural human interest was great. I never thought Raimi was capable of such subtlety. I honestly wished they'd do a whole movie just about Peter and MJ, Harry and his father, Jameson, Flash, and the rest.

: What would they call it? Parker's Place? C'mon, I cannot even discribe how shitty of an idea that was.

Okay. I was NOT saying the movie should have been done that way. Once again, "I honestly wished they'd do a whole movie just about...etc." Not INSTEAD OF the great flick they gave us. I'm just saying I want to see a movie about them. THAT'S ALL.

: : Exceptions: Peter getting on the bus at the start. HAR HAR he's a nerd we GET IT.

: Damn that David Koepp! Damn him for doing his job in crafting an opening that opens the entire movie up for new fans!

That was TOO much.

: : OOOH, even the GEEKY girl won't let him sit by him. WOW THAT'S SO HARSH.

: You sound bitter.

Nope, just a bit miffed at A COUPLE FUCKING SCENES. Jesus Fucking Christ, if just a few scene teardowns get your panties in a bunch, I'd hate to see you if someone hated the whole movie.


: Yep. Sonsabitches. We just CAN'T establish the fact that even though a girl is popular at school, yet her father treats her like garbage, there's a person who sees past both sides and sets focus on the thing that really matters, who she really is. What were they THINKING!?

Again, TOO MUCH. It wasn't a disfunctional home they portrayed, it was a charicature.

: After you just got through praising his ability to show "natural human interest" in such an honest matter? You are very confused.

Again, you fucking stupidiot, I am miffed about a COUPLE OF FUCKING SCENES.

: But yet, not as worse as reading your backward ass post.

Backward ass post? I just got done saying how much I loved the movie, and you're acting like I hated it. Now who's confused?

: : Some of the most memorable stuff: MJ asking, "Ohmigod Spiderman asked about me? What did he say?"

: ... what? I bet you creamed your shorts at the Scooby Doo trailer, right?

I suppose you just go to movies to see shit blown up? Do you even care about charactarization? Dialogue? Or did you just want to see Spiderman kick ass?

: : The look on Peter's face as he goes after Ben's killer. Spiderman's appearance at the wrestling arena. The aforementioned Thanksgiving scene. And of course the bittersweet ending which could have been a horrible "get the girl at the end," but rather surprised me. (And I was rather surprised to be so rather surprised like that.)

: Why? We all know Parker didn't get Mary Jane until waaaay later. Are you grasping at straws now?

Huh...?! Again, you're acting like I hated the movie. Again, I say I loved it. My surprise was that, as you said, Peter obviously doesn't get MJ until later. I was so surprised that I didn't see this ending coming; I totally bought into it.

: Because if he has all the other abilities of a spider, why shouldn't he be able to create organic webbing? That's right. There's no reason. Are you hurt by the change? Do you now have cancer? Then shut up and realize it was for the better, right along with making the spider mutated instead of making it radioactive. This is why they (the producers and director) didn't ask your opinion to begin with.

Sigh...DID I EVER FUCKING SAY I HAD A FUCKING PROBLEM WITH IT?! God fucking damnit, some people should not be allowed to breed. I come in here, say I loved the movie, say what worked for me, and point out a couple of Goddamned scenes that I took exception to, and all of a sudden, this MISERABLE FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT comes in here to start a flame war (which I foolishly bought into, but it's late and I've had a few drinks).

Before you start shit, you need to understand the intent behind what someone posted. The only reason I can possibly imagine why you thought I was slamming the movie, is because you had just got done talking to someone ELSE who hated it, and came in here with a chip on your shoulder. In that case, your misinterpretation is excusable, and I apologize for adding fuel to the fire. Otherwise, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, reread my post and understand where the fuck I'm coming from.

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