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Posted by possibility at e046.lv-dorms.nevada.edu on May 05, 2002 at 04:56:17:

In Reply to: i just figuered out the kevin smith enigma posted by fuckin_shit on May 05, 2002 at 02:59:54:

: kevin works in patterns. fir u gotta realize he has 2 kinds of movies. one is stupid fart and dick jokes, the other was a little more, either a critics darling or just a bit more well written. first there was clerks, an absolutly brilliant picture everyone loved. mallrats came next and even though that was good many hated it so we file it under shitty. then we come to cashing amy, back to the great stuff again. everyone loved this oen. this was his best writing many felt. next came clerks animated and dogma. many loved dogma and that was a plus movie. the animated show was a bust. that we file under shitty. so im not really sure if the cartoon came out before or after dogma so well just say before. then came j and silent bob strike back. though that was well recieved, it wasnt really up to par with kevs other stuff. this one was for the fans before he gave the characters up. this ones debatably (like this whole post) so we give it a shitty. so we have

: Clerks:good

: mallrats: shitty

: chasing amy: good

: animated clerks tv show: shitty

: dogma: good
: jay and silent bob strike back: shitty (although i loved it)

: next comes the gay factor. mind u its been a while since ive seen chasing amy clerks and mallrats, but in all kevs films they question the gayness of jay or silent bob. in dogma, jay seemed like the total gay one. in jay and silent bob all the jokes were at bob loving cock. sooooooo... that means

: since jay and bob was the last of kev's movies its jays turn to be gay

: so in jersey girl which will rebound off jay and silent bob strike back will be a "good" film, with who ever jason mewes plays will have something gay about him, or gay jokes at him

: if clerks: sells out comes out before fletch...then

: clerks: sells out shall be a "shitty movie" with bob as the quuer

: and fletch will be back to "good" with jason being gay.

: thanks for ur time

: send me money

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