Re: Nevermind Spidey... Affleck IS Matt Murdock

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Posted by QUSilentBob37 at on May 04, 2002 at 16:45:09:

In Reply to: Nevermind Spidey... Affleck IS Matt Murdock posted by Kevin on May 04, 2002 at 16:38:19:

: So I went back to the "Daredevil" set to see Ben in action, and I may
: be biased, but fuck - that boy is doing some of the best work of his
: career.

: And mind you, I made "Chasing Amy" with him, so that's not an easy
: thing to say.

: I think what's so interesting about his performance is that this is the
: first time he's not able to rely on his Affleck charm - the eyes, the
: delivery, the killer smile. For those of you who don't know much
: about DD, the character is blind. As Matt Murdock, Ben's in shades
: most of the time, and wearing "blind" contacts when he's not. As
: the mask covers his eyes and brow completely. This prohibits our
: boy from relying on the usual tics and "Affleck-tions" that've helped
: support his performances over the last few years (the shit I'm a
: sucker for). And because he can't work that magic, he's turning in a
: performance that I've never seen him give prior to this - a very
: stripped down, no-frills approach perf that's working like mad. I was
: just blown away by the stuff I saw... and really proud. He's nailing
: like Reeve nailed Superman, or Keaton nailed Batman. Kudos to
: boy.

: And kudos, also, to Mark, the director, and Ericson, his D.P. They're
: making one gorgeous fucking picture. Mark and Ben showed me a
: ton of footage they've shot over the last few weeks, and it's all
: beautiful stuff. The suit looks fantastic and the way they're lighting it
: makes it look even more bad-ass.

: And big, big props to Jon Favreau, whose turning in a really, really
: funny Foggy. I saw some flat-out brilliant takes of his that made me
: laugh out loud. He was an excellent cast.

: Haven't seen any footage of Bullseye or Elektra, but I'm going to go
: back in two weeks to watch some of the DD/Elektra rooftop fight
: being shot.

: Mark Steven Johnson's making, for my money, the best comic book
: movie we've seen since... maybe "The Rocketeer" (which, along with
: Donner's first two "Superman" flicks may be the best superhero
: ever made). I apologize for my gushing, but I haven't been this
: excited over a movie I'm not really involved with since "Batman." I
: want this flick out now.

: "Spider-Man" does forty one million on opening day, there's a "Hulk"
: teaser out, and "Daredevil" is shaping up to be a pimp-and-a-half
: flick.

: Fuck, it's a great time to be a comic book fan.

As a long time DD fan (pre dating Kev's run even) I hope you are right
about this movie. Spiderman was absolutely amazing and I hope DD
is better because I've been reading the book. The Hulk looks cool as
Ang Lee has proven he can do drama(The Ice Storm) and action(
Crouching Tiger). Times definitelty are great for comic fans. The only
thing left to hope for is Episode 2 being great and I have only heard
good things about it.

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