SPIDERMAN was the best superhero movie so far

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Posted by skunksmokinsnoogans at on May 04, 2002 at 12:05:13:

I'm sorry SUPERMAN,BATMAN,and X-MEN,but Sam Raimi smoked yall's asses.This movie was definately the best I have seen so far,I was so emotional during the whole thing.I can't believe it was put together as well as it was.Hats off to SAM RAIMI...all I can say is he was definately the right man for the job.The only thing missing that I was hoping to see in the movie was SPIDERMAN doing the thinking in his head like the comic(thought balloons)more comical dialougue to himself.The fight scenes were excellent also,but I really like to see a more longer drawn out battle as well,you know,one that lasts going through the whole city tearing it down(maybe in the next movie)but I was not dissapointed on the Parker parts at all like I thought I would be.This movie was so beautifully written,whoever wrote it deserves an award.Great job!I really would have liked to have seen it stick to the comic concerning Peter inventing his webshooters,but the organic ones were fine.I also didn't care that AUNT MAY didn't make Peters costume or that M.J. WATSON wasn't killed by the fall.I liked KIRSTEN DUNST and thought she was great and I'm glad they aren't replacing her with GWEN STACY,yet.All I can say is I am one pleased little oldschool fanboy.I heard they were gonna put the LIZARD in the next one(kinda cool,but I really never liked the character too much,he's kind of a bore and I would rather have seen KINGPIN or DR.OCTOPUS or even KRAVEN THE HUNTER)THE SHOCKER AND TARANTULA are cool too,god I could name a bunch more better than the LIZARD,but oh well.Anyway,I will probably go see SPIDERMAN again,and I don't usually go to the boxoffice more than once to see a movie unless it's real good,I mean reeeeaaal good.This movie is definately worth seeing again real soon.Kudos to STAN LEE and MARVEL for such a great comic-book character,this will be my most favorite movie I have ever seen.SPIDERMAN 2 baby!YEAH!SAM RAIMI ROCKS!!! VIEWASKEW RULES! joe r.

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