Spiderman review spoilers*

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Posted by SteJer6 at 12-249-137-128.client.attbi.com on May 04, 2002 at 10:52:56:

Pretty good, entertaining and fun. Problems:

1 Didnt like parts when spiderman was totally computerdone

2 MJ kinda sucked

3 The obvios "spiderman will pay" thing by his friend - i like my sequel tie ins a little less obvious

4 Slow at some parts

5 Didnt transition very well

6 Way to much shown in commercials

7 i donnu if this is in the comic but, when he says "all i can give is my friendship" for really no reason, or maybe i missed it. if it is the responsibility thing that is loosely related

8 Some shit was so cheesy, and what added more cheesiness was the comic book major geeks who clapped every goddam second when it didnt deserve an applause

9 Hearing this as walking out batman could beat spiderman anyday because spiderman could lose his powers....but batman doesnt have any so he could kik his ass!"

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