"Everyone must love."

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Posted by BoBarly at 1cust126.tnt1.new-orleans.la.da.uu.net on May 04, 2002 at 10:20:21:

So I'm at work last night, and since it's so close to Jackson Square, we can pretty much hear all the ruckus and commotion that goes on there. Lots of hippies, bums, travelers, palm readers, etc. congregate there, creates a pretty interesting environment. Around 10 last night, though, we hear all this screaming & crying, followed by sirens.

Apparently, a fellow climbed to the top of the steeple, the highest point in the French Quarter, looked at everyone below, screamed, "Everyone must love," then jumped. He fell to the concrete and died instantly, while everyone, tourists and locals alike, watched.

I know this sounds like one of those cheesy forwards you'd get telling you to enjoy life or something, but that's not my intent. I'm simply asking you all to be nice to someone extra, give a hug, something.

Sorry to sound like such a tree-hugger, but this really affected me, and I felt the need to share this story.


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