OT: Stupid observation about childhood and Muppets

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Posted by Hal Phillips at on May 04, 2002 at 00:27:21:

I watched "The Muppet Show" all the time when I was too young to even remember it. I mean, I have very vague memories of watching it, and my parents have told me that I loved it, but I don't remember anything specific at all. I must've been, like, three years old. A couple of years later, I was the star of my own imaginary television show which was all about my life, and the theme song sounded a lot like the Muppet theme song, which I didn't consciously remember and didn't hear again until years later.

I think it's kinda interesting that it stuck around in my subconscious and helped me form an opinion of what a cool television theme song should be.

If you've just read this post and you've found it meaningless and stupid, reread the title and never doubt my words again.

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