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Posted by ElfGirl at on May 03, 2002 at 22:01:51:

In Reply to: Dogma Digs my Canadian Dollars posted by fishmarket stew on May 03, 2002 at 21:43:38:

: I went to the mall to buy this damn Dogma on dvd which costed 37$ dollars canadian, then because
: it's fuckin Dogma i need to go a buy some wine, which costed 20$, mickey of rum was 11.25$. I knew
: I was going to be buying this damn dvd so in preparation bought 50$ worth of weed the night before.
: So thus far Dogma has costed me 37$ for the dvd, 31.25$ on booze, 50$ for the weed, a total of 118.25$.
: So i got this 118.25$ Dogma, I am tired as hell from sitting in front of a screen all day, I come home
: wanting to watch this movie, have few drinks order some pizza, ( 24.73$ ).

: The fuckin Leaf game was on! Round 2 game 1 vs. Ottawa, going to be a terrific series! Fuck!
: then as I channel surfed Jedi was on Fox! Fuck, likely gonna show some trailers from the epII! Fuck!
: I missed it all!
: 142.98$ plus some great tv to be waching that i missed!
: Was Dogma worth 142.98+$?, Even though I've seen it already, like 4 times on vhs rental and 3 times
: on The Movie Network, yeah sure. I love this fuckin movie!
: -Jacob

You forgot munchies and cost of petrol. I got Dogma for free by fluke. The neighbours house burnt down and for giving her use of my phone to ring the rescue..she bought me Dogma. And no..I didn't hold the phone at arms reach until she promised me the DVD.Always be a good pays..

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