A Drunken Summary...

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Posted by Glen at inktomi2-oxf.server.ntl.com on May 03, 2002 at 20:03:52:

Hey folks. Just turned 17. It WAS RAD! My friends threw a surprise birthday party which was really nice. I've dream of them since I was lonely little child, so having one THROWN upon me like this was fuckin' rad. A few hours later we went on the pub and got fuckin' drunk as a skunt (you know, them drunken skunks with the drinking...?) and still am so here's so drunken declaration. Weeeee! (I went up to this THUG GANGSTER and he was like 'Yo, muthafuckah, WEEEEEEE!') but yeah the point; there is not point. I figured the fine folks on this board have been following the turning of the age of the Glen for a while now and you'd all LOVE (and give shits) about my brithday. It was fun. I didn't get laid which I was kinda hoping to (not because I'm gonna be this stereotypical male who wants to boast about some shit but more because I'd like to see what it's all about) but it's not the end of the world as I'm sure that one day, one day, some dumb person'll give me a day in court. Not much else I can tell you. Hello to those who know me... Katy, John, Sonia, Randal, Mike, Paul, Matt, Amy, Courtney, Holly, Bill, Julie, Andy, Remy, Donnacha, Casey, Justin, the hot 16 year old, her sister, Cheyne, Nick, Brian (if free range still checks this place out), Jon, Len, Rug, Poolbitch and every other one of you little fucks that remembers me... If I didn't say your name then I'll blow you next time we meet... there you go? How's that? Some (American) jailbait action for free?! Fuck, you might as well pretend you know me just so yous can spray the back of my throat, right? Ahh, maybe not...That's just ALL KINDS (every single kind) of odd.

So yeah, thanks, yo's!


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