Amusing, or just plain sadistic?

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Posted by PerfectIdiot23 at on May 03, 2002 at 16:23:13:

When the first harvest on the small afghan came in D cooked up a batch of weakish cookies. One would get you fairly wrecked, but not demolish you like a cookie should. (Although I heard some people who weren't me got pretty demolished)

We were bored and needed something to do, so we rang one of D's custys, a retarded girl who thought she was a hardcore stoner. I'm not using using "retarded" as an insult or a synonym for idiot, she's truly retarded.

We fed her half a cookie and laughed at her for a while, then told her to fuck off home.

Then the two big afghans came in and we were sitting around manicuring it for sale. We needed cigarettes so we decided to sell a bag of stem, wet bud and trimmings to Retard for more than an idiot would pay for a real bag. (Well fuck, they sold her two points of whizz for $55 each)

She rang her up Retard was skitzing out, saying she'd been coughing up and vomiting blood and asking if she was going to die. And D says ;

"I dunno, everyone else did."

I just loved it, I truly did.

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