Dude, now who has no sense of humor??

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Posted by pixies chick at nat.healthpartners.com on May 03, 2002 at 14:33:41:

In Reply to: Re: Hey, do I know you guys? Sean? Ebas? posted by sean on May 03, 2002 at 13:07:50:

I'm not trying to come down on you - I just thought it was interesting that the two of you agree more than disagree, and I thought if I put myself between the two of you as a flashpoint, you might have a chance to release a little tension.

Honestly, it's all sunshine and lollipops where I'm at today.

Happy Spiderman day
Happy comicbook day tomorrow.

Did you know Stan Lee toyed with the idea of calling him Mosquito Man?
I got the quote posted above.

Pixie (not mosquito, but annoying, just the same.)

: : Feel the love, brothers, because I believe you both were on me yesterday for taking it seriously when someone called Kevin a sell-out.

: : (I did post an apology to JimShady - I understand he is respected here as a decent guy and his humor is understood by others, just not me.)

: : So, what's the fuss?
: : You both thought it ridiculous I was defending Kevin Smith as a man of integrity who does not sell out. Is it a worthy cause to do so? Or is it just that I was missing the humor in that statement?

: I've also been mocking the idea that the Coens -- or anybody involved in these, or any, Gap ads -- would be 'sell outs' for doing Gap ads throughout this whole thread (the only person I said could be possibly accused of 'selling out' was Hopper, if, indeed, he was the one responsible for the Easy Riders ads). So I'm not quite sure why you're bringing me in, but since you are, I'll explain (again) that yesterday, I was trying to calm you down and force you to realize that your over-protective defense of Kevin was being directed at a fairly obvious joke. At no time yesterday, or ever, have I said anything to even suggest that Kevin is *not* a man of integrity who doesn't sell out, and I'd really like it if you could show me where any such post was made under my name, so I can determine whether people have been posting under my name or that something I said was phrased wrong, to allow for such a gross misunderstanding. [Before you go searching through the back boards, let's seperate the Shady-esque joke I made several months ago when something like half the board jumped on me for doing basically the same thing, only it was in response to a Kevin post so more people saw it, and somebody just like you got all rabidly defensive about it and started a whole bunch of people making a fuss ... all of which is what I was trying to avoid by getting you to calm down quickly.]

: But I suggest you're just trying really hard to find hypocrisy in me after I tried to calm you down yesterday. Which is pretty silly, really.

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