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Posted by sean at on May 03, 2002 at 13:25:53:

In Reply to: you are missing the point posted by ebas420 on May 03, 2002 at 12:51:32:

: : So anybody who's ever negotiated a contract with more than one company is a sell out?
: NO, that's standard. But anyone that changes their style and music for profit and marketing reasons is selling out.

Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I missed the announcement by The Offspring that they had written "Pretty Fly" (possibly under duress) at the insistence of their management and not just because they suck.

I'm curious, though ... how can I learn to be really smart like you and spot the difference between 'selling out' and 'fading away' (in terms of quality, that is, not popularity)?

: : You're making your opposing side's argument for them when you say things like that, because that's exactly what people are saying is silly for you to think.

: If the oppsoing side is YOU, I have nothing to worry about.

No, actually, as you may have noticed, you were having a whole stupid argument before I came in, and your saying that they were sell outs for jumping to a major label -- which is what you said, though I know you're now saying you didn't mean it 'that way' -- was losing points for your side, because that kind of blind stupidity is exactly what people were accusing you of, and will continue to accuse you of (deservedly or not) when you use hackneyed expressions like 'selling out'.

: First off, this was just an example.

Yeah, but you only made one example.

: I don't follow anyone or anything "blindly" I don't object to going from "indie label" to "label" because many artists do it and maintain their integrity. I object to following paychecks and adopting a more marketable image becuase your "label's" PR man says so.

What about Weezer? They changed their image on their own to be popular again. But that had nothing to do with their label, though I would say it gave them far more freedom for the future. But it was their decision, so does that make them 'sell outs' or does it make them 'smart at the business aspect of the music business'?

: : Was Cameron Crowe selling out by making "Almost Famous"?

: No

But I'm confused ... Crowe jumped to Dreamworks because they gave him a lot of money and by far the biggest budget he'd ever had (and, actually, he proceeded to go over-budget) and then, when they said the movie was too long and not marketable, he cut forty minutes out. (Shit, by virtually everybody's admission, the movie suffered as a result of it.) This isn't the studio taking the movie away from him, mind you. He made the cuts.

Maybe you should just settle back and figure out what the "rules" are to selling out, so we can all be clear and be sure not to offend your delicate sensibilities.

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