Well of course. That's like saying...

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Posted by Isis at cau03.cau.cornell.edu on May 03, 2002 at 12:18:39:

In Reply to: here's why you're wrong: posted by sean on May 03, 2002 at 11:53:57:

"America sucks" -- it's not worse than any other nation, and might actually be more conscientious than others. I'm just ranting, not seriously saying they're more evil than any other major corporation. I just hate how the youth are suckered into paying for their own oppression & destruction.

It beats tobacco companies, anyway.

: Because in the real world, people need money to survive, and when you make incredibly quirky films, as the Coens do, and don't want to have to make conventional Hollywood stuff in order to make ends meet [sure, "O Brother" was their most popular movie yet ... but "Wasn't There" was their least, at least since "Hudsucker"], you're going to do a commercial every once in a while.

Come on...the Coens are having trouble getting funding? I'm not opposed to being paid. I'm just saying that I miss the days when people had more integrity than to attach their name and fame to some profit-making, socially worthless, exploitative product. Jim Morrison was broke as a mofo, and he still threatened to blow up a Buick onstage if they used a Doors song. I respect that.

: : They're suckering some of these celebrities into supporting them by offering to donate money to the charity of their choice, granted.

: Did they say that? Even better then.

In lieu of being paid for the commercial, as I understand it. That's why Alanis did it.

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