now i get it.....

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Posted by SexyJ at on May 03, 2002 at 12:00:28:

In Reply to: She's... posted by *Bethany* on May 03, 2002 at 11:48:57:

you were making it sound like she was 8 yrs old or something. or a deranged 30 yr old.

thats sad that that happened. i doubt he did it himself. probably his people fucked it up. doubt he even knows about it.

but to prove that there are stars that in point
1. when encino man came out i fell in love with brenden fraser. i wrote him a letter and he sent an autographed pic to me about a month later. i wrote him a thank you letter and i got another one. kinda funny but still....

2. when i was in 4th grade i loved the monkees. well me not knowing they were an 'old' group wrote the a letter. 4 yrs later i get a postcard back from peter tork. although i wish i knew what heppened to that postcard, i thought that was awesome. i had totally forgotten that i even wrote them.

3. stabbing westward....i wrote them a long time ago. they sent an autographed pic back thanking me for the letter. had my name on it so it was a 'reproduced copy'. then when i met them, they were really sweet to me and the bass player had remembered me at their concert a few days before.

there are 'stars' who care. some just have fucked up people working for them.

: : : : ...letter confessing her undying love for him with her lipstick imprint on the back to seal the envelope be sufficient enough??

: :
: : : ...thought he was worth it. Apparently she was wrong.

: : : Gwen

: 18. She was trying to prove a point, that actors actually do care about their fans, as part of a debate at school. She put this package together because she really likes Ben Affleck, and everyone was saying he wouldn't care about any of the stuff. It's one thing to not care and just send it back, but to destroy it? That's what she's mad about.

: Gwen

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